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Umweltkrank? Wohin?

Many patients with chronic ailments or unexplained symptoms do not see an improvement to their health after following long-term treatment plans. These patients often seek second opinions from other doctors or ask for different treatment regimens, yet no matter what they do, they still do not feel as if they are recovering. Patients in this situation may then be diagnosed with somatic distress and are referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist. This can also prove ineffective, as oftentimes the impression is that the ailment has a physical cause, rather than a mental one. At this point, the patient has not been treated for their initial undiagnosed disease and other connected diseases may have developed in the meantime.

Unfortunately, the field of clinical environmental medicine (CEV) is not well-known among medical professionals or patients. CEV is an approach to medicine which aims to treat the causes of diseases, rather than the symptoms. The causes are predominantly identified through pathology, complex biochemistry tests, microbiome tests, genetic tests, and the patient is treated individually with a personalised regimen of medicine. Many patients who have successfully undergone this form of treatment report that the symptoms have disappeared like a miracle, for example after metal chelation or detox therapy. In summary, CEV aims to identify a substance that is poisoning the body and eliminate it, or identify a substance that is lacking and substitute it.

Our purpose is to promote the field of clinical environmental medicine by creating a network of professionals, visible to both patients and colleagues. For this we have designed a database which allows users to find medical professionals specialising in and accredited to perform specific types of treatments, depending on the user’s needs.

We are currently working on identifying possible network partners and creating the catalogue of requirements, which will need to be fulfilled by these partners in order for their information to be publicly displayed on the website

For those interested in receiving training in clinical environmental medicine, you can find information at

Electronic questionnaire

Patients treated by clinical environmental medicine specialists complete a very long questionnaire prior to any test or treatment, as well as after treatment at regular follow-ups. It is time to get rid of the paper-based system and implement an electronic version of the questionnaires in order to be able to use the data for research and create evidence-based medicine.