Titan Data Hub is an exciting start-up company with a single-minded focus on improving healthcare globally.

We boast leadership and a team experienced in the medical research, data management and software development and we use this expertise to continually improve the lives of doctors, documentalists, managers and of course patients.

Titan Data Hub works on a macro and micro level in order to achieve our goals. See Our Services to read more about what we do.

Our values

What TITAN DATA HUB stands for


We are exceedingly passionate about our mission and what we do here, improving the quality of healthcare and medical research globally. We want nothing more than to contribute to this field, and no amount of contribution, no matter how big or small could ever satisfy us. The day that healthcare reaches a peak in quality that can no longer be contributed to is the day we cede this value of ours.


We are obsessed with creating and offering high-quality products and services in pursuit of our goals and dreams. With every task we are given, not only do we do it with great passion and timeliness, but we do it clinically, ensuring that the project is completed in a way that makes both us and our clients proud.


Just as we plan to grow medical knowledge and improve the field, we ourselves want to continue growing, continue reaching other fields of medicine and fields outside of medicine in order to make the world a better place. We also believe in growth for our customers and employees, allowing people and businesses to achieve their goals and be successful.

Julia Ferencz CEO

I am a specialist medical doctor with over 20 years of experience in medical data management and research. My experience in the field alongside the knowledge I have gathered working in funded projects allows me to find the best solutions when it comes to finding more efficient ways in managing data in the medical sector and provide tools for medical research.

After being the Head of Data Management at OnkoZert and ClarData for 17 years, I started Titan Data Hub with a single mission: to improve healthcare and facilitate a better experience for medical professionals and patients alike, by working with clinics to develop necessary software tools and training for the most cutting-edge medical services.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein